Thinking of YOU. ❤️

As my tea is getting cold
And my feet freezing like snow

Let the sun set slow

Let me think of YOU 

A little more
As my hands are getting numb

Writing what I felt

Being away from YOU 

For this long

Let the sun set slow

Let me repent before YOU 

A little more
As my eyes are getting wet

Thinking of old times

When YOU were this close❤️

Let the sun set slow

Let those tears flow

A little more
As my heart is getting hope

Thinking of the love

YOU have even for a sinner

Let the sun set slow

Let that heart be filled with hope

A little more
As the words are fading away 

Let my heart tell its story 

Let the sun set slow 

Let it heal 

A little more. :’) 


Nothing is same. 

Nothing is same

After you left. 

All those days

When you kept me safe

From the storms


Those greedy souls

There aren’t any more days

like those
When you kept me near

All those nights 

Full of fear 

Of losing you

There aren’t any more nights 

like those 
Now that you have left 

My days are full of struggles 

And those nights 

Full of tears 

Which no one knows

Except GOD 
Now that you have left 

Now i know 

The real face of people 

And how 

You didn’t let us know 

your fears
With All these thoughts 

I fall apart 

Every night 

But i know 

I have to keep that little thing in my chest 


For people around me. 
Till we meet next. 

In sha Allah ❤️

First rain without you.

As the raindrops are falling
And fog is getting denser
You are getting far
But little do they know
You are right here
In this cold wind
In these raindrops
I can feel you
In my heart.

I know its hard
As the days are passing
They say that the pain’ll become less
You’ll edure it a little more
But Little do they know
It is getting harder
But i know
I’ll have to endure it a little more
I’ll have to wait a little more.
To meet you again
Till then
Stay in my heart
As it drowns
Everynight without you.

They’ll never know
How it feel everyday
Thinking of you
Maybe this all is just a vivid dream.
Maybe you’ll come back someday.
With that ever shining smile on your face.
As the rain drops are falling
And the fog is getting dense
You are getting far
Away from all worries
And all those scars.
Till we meet next
I’ll feel you everynight
Staring at the stars.💖

For our loved ones in heaven. 💐

Winter’s Nights

Do you also think

Is your season ?
Do you also think
Of winters
Your time of year ?
Do you also want
To be Alone
In winter nights ?
Sitting by a fogy window
With your coffee getting cold
Thinking of HIM
Do you also want
To repent before HIM
in those foggy nights ?
Do you also want
To heal those
Broken promises
You made with HIM
Do you also want
To cry rivers
In those fogy nights
Without even an ant knowing
Of your tears ?
Do you also want
To think of HIM in all those
Cozy nights ? :’) 

Last Night 🌌

For a woman who kept me in her womb for 9 months ❤

Last night
I saw melancholy in those eyes
A shine of hope
Which kept me alive
Last night !
Those beloved eyes
I can fall for over and over again
Ya Rab !
Dont make them teary
Ever again
But tears of joy
May them be full of it
Forever !
I saw those hands
Shivering of fear
To leave her children
Alone ,
And it felt like
A knife stabbed in my heart
I couldn’t sleep
Last night !
I felt the warmth
In those cold feet
Like a cozy blanket in winters ,
I wanted to cry
A millions rivers
I had to stay strong
To keep those eyes
Shining of hope
Forever ❤
In sha Allah 

My Escape

Some nights
When demons haunt me
To death
Can YOU be my escape ?
Some nights
When i can’t fall asleep
Can YOU be my escape ?
Some nights
When I dont want to live
Commiting sins
Can YOU be my escape ?
Some nights
When I end up
Sinning anyway
Can YOU be my escape ?
Some nights
My chest hurts
Like someone
Stabbed a knife
Can YOU be my escape ?
Some nights
When darkness scares me
My nafs overtakes
Can YOU be my escape ?
Some nights
When no one consoles
This hypocritic soul
Can YOU be my escape ? 

Salam Ya Ahlal Qaboor 

Peace be upon you O people of graves !

As i passed by a graveyard that morning
Something was different in air
That peace around
Usually was fear and goose bumps
Today it was
Just peace and satisfaction
You know why ?
Last night
When everyone slept sound
A repenter woke up around
In the mid night
Oh that tearful night
he seeked forgiveness
HE swt (GOD)
Became this happy
That he took off punishment from you

Ya Ahlal Qaboor !
Ya Ahlal Qaboor !

From a Repenter Diary

How many times do i have to sin ,

How many times do i have to fight ,

With inner self ,

Maybe till my last breath ,

Maybe this was written for me this way ,


If i am lucky ,

May Allah love the way i repent everyday ,

Stuck in a labyrinth

I see no way out

I feel so helpless

Stuck in my sins

I was never meant to commit


Maybe this is how all beings are like

Even the Prophets ,
Till they made a sincere Taubah

And then
Every Sin is erased like it never was there before
You know why ?
Because Al – Rahman ❤

I am here
Waiting for my turn ,
Eagerly waiting for HIS mercy
Oh Allah i need you ,
Oh Allah i need you … !

In sha Allah

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