First rain without you.

As the raindrops are falling
And fog is getting denser
You are getting far
But little do they know
You are right here
In this cold wind
In these raindrops
I can feel you
In my heart.

I know its hard
As the days are passing
They say that the pain’ll become less
You’ll edure it a little more
But Little do they know
It is getting harder
But i know
I’ll have to endure it a little more
I’ll have to wait a little more.
To meet you again
Till then
Stay in my heart
As it drowns
Everynight without you.

They’ll never know
How it feel everyday
Thinking of you
Maybe this all is just a vivid dream.
Maybe you’ll come back someday.
With that ever shining smile on your face.
As the rain drops are falling
And the fog is getting dense
You are getting far
Away from all worries
And all those scars.
Till we meet next
I’ll feel you everynight
Staring at the stars.💖

For our loved ones in heaven. 💐


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